Daniel Alpert

Danny Alpert, Series Director and Executive Producer 

Danny Alpert is a documentary producer, director and editor whose films have been nominated for Academy and national Emmy Awards, and have aired on PBS, HBO, A&E and at festivals around the world. Alpert’s last film, A Doula Story, aired on PBS stations across the nation and was honored with a Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism. Previously, Alpert directed A History of God, a two-hour documentary special for A&E Networks, based on the bestseller by British theologian Karen Armstrong. He co-produced and edited Legacy, a feature length documentary for HBO, which was nominated for a 2001 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, a National Emmy for Best Documentary and was an official selection at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival. From 1994 to 1997, he produced No Time to be a Child, a three-part series that aired nationally on PBS and was nominated for a national Emmy Award. Alpert is Executive Director of the Kindling Group, and lives in Chicago with his wife, Andrea, and their daughters Talia and Anina.

Erin Williams

Erin Williams, Engagement Campaign Manager

Erin is a freelance documentary producer and a social media, outreach, and engagement manager. At Kindling Group, Erin manages the What’s Your Calling? campaign. She feels very lucky to be involved in the project. Erin designs and implements campaign strategy and communications, builds partnerships, conducts interviews, and administers What's Your Calling?'s Facebook page and Twitter feed. Previously, Erin worked in media and program capacities in the U.S. and abroad, and she has spoken nationally and internationally on religion and the media. Through Soliya, Erin is involved in cross-cultural work, with a focus on the relationship between Western and predominantly Muslim societies. As a photographer and videographer, Erin's work has appeared on ABC's Good Morning America, BET, CNN, and PBS. As for her calling, Erin is inspired by her parents: her dad is endlessly curious, appreciating the stories in everything from novels to old city blocks, and her mom has an ability to talk with anyone – and really listen; they embody what Erin aspires toward every day.

Ian Kibbe

Ian Kibbe, Engagement Coordinator, Webmaster

Ian Kibbe is the Engagement Coordinator and webmaster for The Calling and What's Your Calling?. That means Ian is in charge of organizing community screenings and events for The Calling, and also maintaining the What's Your Calling? website. Ian is also a freelance filmmaker, producer and musician whose work has appeared on PBS, CNN, G4, The Health Care Blog and the Huffington Post. Ian is the engagement coordinator for the Emmy Award-nominated film Typeface (Kartemquin Films) and the associate producer for the upcoming film Phunny Business (All Jokes Productions). In his free time, Ian plays in a mustached, disco rock band, The Flavor Savers. Ian earned his BA in Communications from the UNC- Chapel Hill, and spent a year after graduating wandering around Latin America working and volunteering. Ian is still trying to figure out what his calling is, in part, because he loves doing so many different things (could that be a calling in itself?), but he feels fortunate to be a part of this project and to meet and hear the amazing stories of so many incredible people from all over the country and world.

Matt Lauterbach

Matt Lauterbach, Editor

Matt has the pleasure of editing the majority of media content for the What’s Your Calling? website, and is now a bit jealous of all the adventures that the average human being can apparently have.  Matt works as a freelance documentary editor and museum content developer, and is always on the look-out for creative opportunities to teach in unusual ways.  In the recent past, he taught psychology to teens at Curie Metro High School; created interactive maps for use in science and history classrooms; and helped develop the "Lincoln Transformed" and "Facing Freedom" exhibitions at the Chicago History Museum.  Matt also self-produced and edited Hearing Images, a documentary short about the little-known art of audio description, or making performances accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired. 

Michael Hoffman

Michael Hoffman, CEO, See3

Michael is a leading authority in online video for nonprofits and a long-time consultant to nonprofit leaders on online fundraising and outreach strategies. He started his career as a political consultant and Washington-based nonprofit fundraiser before joining a venture investment firm to develop internet start-ups. Post-bubble, Hoffman founded See3 to bring together his belief in the power of the web and his passion and experience with nonprofit fundraising, advocacy, and education. He is a frequent blogger and tweeter on nonprofit marketing and is a nationally sought-after speaker on topics such as online cause marketing, web video, and Web 2.0 for social change.


Nick Nummerdor, Assistant Editor

Nick picks up slack as the Assistant Editor on the What’s Your Calling? campaign. Usually performing the finishing touches on color and audio but also capturing select scenes from the hundreds of tapes in the office while listening Pandora radio stations. Nick works as a freelance director, editor, and videographer with his company Little Cabin Films. A native of Muskegon, Michigan and a graduate of Columbia College, he studied at the prestigious Michael Rabiger Documentary Center while working his way through college as a bowling mechanic. Upon graduation, he couchsurfed through Europe with a skateboard and camera in tow. In 2008, Nick created the Chicago Youth Skateboard Project, which gives away free skateboards to inner city children and produces the "Skateboard Jam" at Lollapalooza every summer. Nick continues to build a reputation for his filmmaking on the web. In the summer of 2009, Nick completed his most ambitious project to date- the comedy web series “Hot Rod Hearts.” Nick eats pizza every week in Chicago with his fiance, Karli, and their dog and two fat cats.

About Kindling Group

The Kindling Group produces and sponsors documentary films exploring critical social issues and channels these projects into powerful tools for community engagement and change. As a 501(c)3 non-profit, we provide independent and emerging filmmakers with an environment that supports meaningful productions, maximizes their impact with strong outreach, and fosters connections between media makers and the broader community.

The Kindling Group has recently released Do No Harm, which tells the story of two reluctant whistle-blowers in a small Georgia town who endure relentless attacks as they struggle to draw national attention to hospital corruption and the plight of the uninsured. Also in distribution is Kindling’s award-winning A Doula Story, about a remarkable woman who empowers disadvantaged pregnant teenagers with the skills and confidence to become loving mothers, which aired on PBS stations across the country.

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