Hi there. Welcome! Watch the Intro Video.
September 26, 2010

Hi there. Welcome! Watch the Intro Video.

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Walter Montierro : September 01, 2016 04:59 pm
I often relate the word "CALLING" to "VOCATION" it follows that a person despite his/her incapacity to work in a certain field, because of lack of mastery should not be deprived of his/her desire to engage, when the heart and desire to contribute to have a positive outcome to an organization is there, he/she must be welcome... "VOCATION" is somewhat you put your heart on what you do...it will be much fulfilling if the work you do transform you and everyone around you on a logical/Godly views... I am a husband and a father of three lovely kids...My 2nd child was diagnosed with autism. As much as I want to do what I loved most...its simply all gone away...because my "CALLING" right know is to have my kids prepare for the world ahead of them... After all they are gift to us that must be love and cared... By the way I seen Brad Roberts video here which is one of my Rock Icon idol...
Dave : February 19, 2014 04:51 am
powerful story, i didn't know what i wanted to do with my life but i always liked helping people where i could, and that's when i started getting into working from home and running my own online business, so that i had more freedom to spend time with my family(two kids and my wife (-: ), and so i started helping others do the same and it felt great being able to help others, and so I've come to realize that That is my calling to help others, for more info on working from home visit...www.howtoearnextramoneyonlinefromhome.com, and i also have a variety of gigs on fiverr that range from (list-building,traffic generation,graphic design), feel free to check them out at...www.fiverr.com/bizwizman
Djmax12 : August 26, 2012 02:14 pm
with such a life changing experience. It can be quite overwhelming to friends and family. MelissaEXGF
Smarsh.com : July 12, 2012 06:08 pm
Even across the boundaries of our religions we feel something that compels us to dream and move forward.
John123 : June 27, 2012 04:31 pm
I am a seminary student studying to become a minister and the issue of what "The Call" is and how it evolves over time and with responsbilities, seems to be a constant process.
EZ : August 30, 2011 08:05 pm
This is a very motivating video. I haven't yet had a chance to really explore the site, but I love the idea of really exploring where your passion sits. I've done lots of different stuff in my life and, for me, it's been a little tricky to drop my finger onto my true calling. That said, I think life's duties sometimes make it hard not to compromise from time to time. I've started a site (www.iwanttobeyou.net) to help connect career searchers with people doing stuff they think they'd like to be doing.
Tim : August 02, 2011 06:19 am
I love this site. A friend sent it to me and I watch this introduction video often (for inspiration). I've spent most of my life doing jobs that "weren't me". I didn't fit in them. The things I loved to do, I did on the side, weekends etc. Not anymore. You only have one life, it's short, special. I now plan to do what I was put on this earth to do. I now choose to be like these people in the videos, to have purpose, to live their Calling. Every person that goes to this site should do just that!
Vince : July 03, 2011 05:31 am
read the movie bio Jimmy Stewart : A Wonderful Life. He did good deeds and kindness' and was in turn known as the most beloved man in Hollywood. that's a nice calling.
Dret Grefison : July 03, 2011 05:28 am
I've been called to let you know that you should stop eating gluten, blaming everyone else for all of your problems, help others, and if you believe in god you should stop thinking he is the reason someone let you borrow their pen and think bigger.
Jesus Guevara : July 02, 2011 11:44 pm
I am the 5281st coming of Jesus aka Buddha aka Harriet Tubman aka che Guevara aka homer Simpson. That's my calling
Christopher : July 02, 2011 09:03 pm
Walker Percy's "The Moviegoer" is an existentialism novel and touches base with one's "calling" otherwise known in the novel as the "search." I highly recommend this novel for those interested in self-enlightenment. :)
Whale ryder : July 02, 2011 08:54 pm
I think people get too caught up in their "calling" like it can only be one thing. I have many interests and purposes. I explore them all. Every few years I go onto the next and feel completely fufilled because I did what I felt I was meant to do at that time. Fingers crossed, I have no regrets. Good luck!
Sondra : June 29, 2011 02:56 am
Blessings to all. This is my first submit to this site, although I have been visting for awhile. I came when I heard about it and because the documentary spoke to me so deeply. I am a seminary student studying to become a minister and the issue of what "The Call" is and how it evolves over time and with responsbilities, seems to be a constant process. I am loving what I am seeing! Shalom, Sondra
Tom : June 13, 2011 11:17 pm
Unemployed again and no direction. I find it's very hard to come up with the energy to persevere in the job hunt when I don't know what I want to do. Yes, I have my passions. Growing cacti and succulents, birdwatching, being out in nature, music, scanners and two-way radio. As incongruent you will ever find a group of interests. I guess I'll just keep working in my career planning book. I can't afford a career coach.
Ingrid D. Bernuy : June 06, 2011 10:10 pm
I'm almost 20 years old, actually my birthday it's in 19 days (June 25th) and since came out from my bubble about 5 years ago, late actually, I've realized that this world need me, because it's my home, our home, and we have to save it. I mean we are already in troubles but there's nothing we can't mend. So I've started to take care my planet, since then I've been trying to reduce de CO2 and persuade people to do the same, you know sharing cars to go work or study or anything and hopefully we'll slow down pollution. So we can do it, we can handle this situation and make this planet a better planet to live in.
Dirtcat : May 23, 2011 06:03 pm
I'm 24 years old and I been saying since high school that I was going into the nursing field. I thought good money, work with lots of women and I would only do the nursing gig for 2 years. After my two years I would move to California and start over, start something new. I have always love movies and the work that goes into them, all the behind the scenes footage. I want to get involved in films and writing and just creating a story for people to enjoy. Recently I've been thinking about getting a drive in movie for the summer and it would play old time classics. But I don't really know my calling but I hope I find out soon because I am not a typical 9-5 person, I want more...
Mahogany Johnson : April 09, 2011 11:21 pm
I have asked my self this question many times and I hit a wall each time. Sometimes the answer changes.For example I truly belive I have been placed here to be a direct nurtuer,my love all things living has continously driven that thought to the front of my mind. And yet i find my self here still confused as to what path to take. I hope to gain some support through this site and further soul searching.
Kevin : March 30, 2011 07:33 pm
I look forward to watching what I think will be many interesting videos.
Kathy Anderson : March 24, 2011 10:25 pm
I've been called to minister to the poor in my community. Since I was a small child I've been fascinated with the "bum's" and "hobo's". In my teens I lived on the streets of San Francisco and experienced prejudice against the poor upon my own person. As a young woman, raising children alone, it became apparent to me that it is the love of God that takes away our fear of poverty. As an elder woman I teach through example the love that Jesus has for every human, especially those who can understand our need of Him.
Timothy Leary Byrnes : December 25, 2010 11:23 pm
Hello and Merry Christmas 1 and all, I am Timothy and I believe part of my calling is 2 make good use of the verbal/conversational gift I have been blessed with! The world @ large needs my input(it is presently unaware of this tho)!
Alex Avery Ross : December 24, 2010 12:48 am
There is a thirst to bring compassion to the center of religious discussion across the boundaries of faith. If our religious leaders were to be in community with each other they could have a dialogue about their common struggles and perhaps even become less ignorant of the faith of the other. I think a post-modern time like today could use a dose of artistic compassion. The kind that makes clear the emotions of our inside and communicates those emotions that are common. This film highlights the lives of very real people and being a person who is studying to become a religious leader, it brings me hope to see that I am not alone. Even across the boundaries of our religions we feel something that compels us to dream and move forward. I am inspired to study interfaith relations and to help build connections were they don't exist in my community. I think we are called into more than vocations. I think we are invited to risk living through our call and I think that happens each day.
Laura : December 22, 2010 12:37 am
This question is very important to all human beings. Perhaps if more of us could find our answer there would be less anger, hatred, crime, depression, illness and negativity in the world. What we also need is a 'How to Find Your Calling' series for those of us still wondering!
Lise Chrien : December 20, 2010 11:53 pm
Frederick Buechner, the author and Presbyterian minister, said: "The vocation [calling] for you is the one in which your deep gladness and the world's deep need meet -- something that not only makes you happy but that the world needs to have done." It is something he has written and said many times over the years, but this version is from an interview with Bob Abernathy on Religion & Ethics Newsweekly, May 5, 2006. It has been the mantra for the second part of my life. I used to be an applied mathematician doing computational physics; today I am a teacher of elementary school gifted children. Instead of writing code, my days are filled with encouraging children to ask 'Why?' and look for the answers. Whatever questions I may have about faith and church and the state of public education, I feel God's call each day in my students. And I see it each day in my children. Part of the reason I am so eager to watch this documentary tonight is that my oldest daughter and her husband are third year Lutheran seminarians. This is the life they have chosen, though they would probably dispute whether there was any choice involved! Answering this call to ministry has been what guides them for almost 9 years now -- through adolescence, college, love and marriage, doubt, frustration with merely human institutions, and passion for the work. These are amazing human beings and I look forward to getting to know others through this documentary and this conversation.
Dina Shiner : December 13, 2010 02:21 am
I am so impressed just watching the the introduction I can't wait to watch the whole mini-series! Congratulations on the AWESOME endeavor.
Michael Bloom : December 10, 2010 06:57 am
My new calling is to watch and let the Kindling Group and Danny Alpert inspire me! First it was the Duala Project, now the calling. I can't wait to watch the full movie on PBS! Thanks PBS for continuing to bring quality films and film makers to the forefront. Keep it up! Most importantly, thanks to the people who shared their lives for so many years. Thanks for having the courage to be "real."
Wonderingi : December 10, 2010 05:18 am
What a blessing to have received, tonight, the LIVE introduction to the participants of the film, The Calling. It will air on PBS on Dec 20 and 21. Watch it with your family and friends, then begin the conversation. It will be the best gift you have ever given or received. Thank you Kindling Group for this initiative.
Adam : November 09, 2010 04:52 pm
Inspiring! An age old question that's still so relevant today.
Sharon Ann Weidelman : November 08, 2010 12:29 am
Mother Teresa of Calcutta is the greatest example of living ones calling. In our world today ones success is measures by how many toys one has at the end of life. For Mother Teresa her life is measured by how many human beings she touched by giving them dignity at the end of the earthly life! She owned only two outfits,nothing else, no toys!
Sharon Ann Weidelman : November 08, 2010 12:21 am
Yea! The question every human should ask them self everyday. What am I called to this day and at the end of the day to ask one self did I live this day as I was called to live today?
Fran Alpert : November 07, 2010 04:37 am
This is great stuff, Dan. These are real people and their passion is palpable. Hearing them gives me a thrill, and mostly, a sense of satisfaction, that you have found your calling. Mom
Dorothee Royal : November 04, 2010 08:05 pm
Awesome! Such an amazing group of people :)
Deborah Jan : November 03, 2010 07:07 pm
Inspiring video! Listen and follow your heart!!
Caroline H : November 03, 2010 05:52 pm
Your life's work will lack purpose and fulfillment if you do not find your calling. How exciting to know that more and more people are doing what they feel called to do? I am finishing my Masters in Public Health and I feel I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I can't wait to continue on the journey to my personal calling.
Michael Hoffman : November 01, 2010 11:20 pm
I just read Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh, the leader of Zappos.com. Several times in the book Tony says that his desire to change the world through customer service and delivering happiness isn't a job, it's a calling. It made me think about how much more successful people are when they have this kind of alignment, their day to day work is their calling. I feel so lucky to have that for myself.
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