What have you been committed to the longest, and why?
October 21, 2010

What have you been committed to the longest, and why?

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Bernardmhrobby : June 10, 2013 12:49 pm
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Kevin : March 28, 2011 10:50 pm
I would have to agree with Fr. Gamez that a calling is something the people have for many years as opposed to just appearing one day.
Pat : December 21, 2010 08:45 pm
I've been most committed to my faith in Christ. Even after a 10-year hiatus, I returned and I would say I returned stronger than before. The reason is because love of God is so strong in my life. He is the reason that I live, move and have my being. I feel that no one quite understands me like God does and loves m so unconditionally. God has been amazingly good and gracious to me and I live my calling out in gratitude to Him. There's nothing that gives me the joy like serving Him does.
Rob Pene : December 17, 2010 04:14 pm
Father Steve, you're super cool dude :) Thanks for being the priest that very little people hear about...your work & integrity is definitely noticed by God and I KNOW he is proud of you!
Sharon Weidelman+ : November 09, 2010 11:29 pm
ld be happy to run it by a friend who is a priest
Rev. Steven Gamez : November 06, 2010 05:59 am
To remain committed to something requires true and unconditional love. Not the superficial "love" of our favorite song or favorite ice cream, but a fidelity and commitment that requires sacrifice and kenosis. Peace and blessings. Father Steven
Michael Hoffman : November 03, 2010 10:33 pm
This video makes me think about how much young people switch jobs these days. The idea of staying with a company for your whole career is anathema to most people under 40. I am in the 6th year of running a company and sometimes have to fight the fatigue of the usual and push through to the place where the amazing, exciting things happen. But through longer term dedication comes success, mastery, knowledge and many things you can't get without real commitment.
Danny Alpert : October 22, 2010 03:30 am
In ultimate terms I have dedicated to Judaism since I was born. I was raised in a warm traditional community. But as is the case with most children, most of this was dedication born into, and had no choice. Yet even though I have chosen many commitments since, even today, when I am not as observant, this still lays at the core of who I am. But is dedication something that can be given or bestowed like that, or do we need to choose it?
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