November 01, 2010

Hey there! Welcome to the What's Your Calling? site. We wanted to say hello and tell you that we're really excited about the launch of the site today. Take a look around, get comfortable, check out our intro video. In fact, take a look at all of our content. We made this content with the hope that it would begin conversations, so please comment.

Each of the videos has a question attached to it. We'd love to hear your answers to the questions and what the videos make you relate to in your own life. Hit refresh, and more videos will pop up on the homepage.

As our site grows over the next few months, we'll be posting more content. There will be dozens of new videos and written pieces, along with articles and reflections on the notion of calling, and each piece of content will come with a new question.

There's also information up on the site about The Calling and its characters and filmmakers. On the character pages, you'll find web exclusive videos that aren't included in the film. Over the coming days, we'll also be posting reflections from the characters on what it's like to be the subject of a documentary film.

What's Your Calling? has also partnered with several organizations, each of which is doing great work around media, leadership, dialogue, or activism. Check out their websites and the service opportunities they offer, which appear around the site under "Call to Action."

We hope you enjoy the stories of all of the folks participating in this project - from the What's Your Calling? interviewees to the characters from The Calling. Working on this project, we've found ourselves asking questions about what we believe in, what we're passionate about, and how we're connecting with our communities. We hope the project does the same for you.

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