June 2012

June 27, 2012

Hello lovely people of What's Your Calling!

It's been a long time since our last News Post, but we've got something important to share with you!

As you may know, we launched What's Your Calling in 2010 to accompany the PBS miniseries , The Calling . The goal of our project is to explore what religious and secular people are most passionate about doing with their lives - and why.

What's Your Calling was originally intended to last one year, but the project took off, garnering attention for its content and getting much more traffic than we anticipated. As a nonprofit endeavor, we decided to stretch our grant funding out for one more year while keeping the project going.

This brings us to 2012, and we're now at the point where we're out of funding and may have to close up shop.

What's Your Calling has been a joy. We've learned so much from our community on our website and on Facebook and Twitter , and we sincerely believe that the people we've interviewed are gems with a tremendous amount of life experience to offer.

We have two options:

Close up shop -- taking down our website due to hosting costs, halting all potential collaborations, and discontinuing our social media presence on Facebook and Twitter
Raise money to keep What's Your Calling going! HURRAH!

We're going with #2 and have launched an
Indiegogo Campaign in the hopes of keeping What's Your Calling around.

Here are the main details of the campaign:

Our site:
Our hope:
To raise $15,000 over 30 days. We' have 11 days left and $13,965 to go. That's a lot of bucks. It's not going to be easy. But fortunately, with your support, we believe we can do this. So, here we go!  

If we're successful in our campaign and are able to keep What's Your Calling up and running, there are many exciting and new things that we hope to do with the project; they're outlined further on the Indiegogo Campaign page. If we don't raise the money, unfortunately, What's Your Calling will end.

So, here's our request: If you like what we're doing with What's Your Calling , we'd be grateful if you'd consider spreading the word or supporting our work through a donation. We know that even if you want to, it's not always possible to donate. But if you know folks who may be interested in contributing to What's Your Calling , feel free to pass along our Indiegogo campaign link. Of course, if you do donate to our campaign, we're very grateful; it really means a great deal. Any donation – small or large – helps make the Indiegogo campaign stronger and gives us momentum.

Most importantly, thanks for taking this ride with us for the last two years. It's been fantastic.

To living our most passionate lives!

-The What's Your Calling Team

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