Yes, I live in Tasmania Australia - where there are beautiful and unique mammals - some - monotremes - such as the platypus - lay eggs and still suckle their young, the marsupials, which give birth to very small babies which then find the mother's pouch and attach themselves to a milk gland in the pouch until they are old enough to start emerging and eating grass. I live in the country now, and treasure the immensely beautiful wildlife, the night and day birds (a tawny frogmouth hunts from lookout positions around my garden - eg the clothesline, a fencepost). When I drive home from my job in the nearest city, I drive at a speed at which I can see the animals up ahead starting to cross the road, and pull over if impatient drivers are behind me. I feel immense sadness at the beautiful creatures killed as they try to cross the road, bewildered by the speed and noise. I can feel the anger, impatience and indifference of the drivers as they tailgate me. I am going at a reasonable speed for the wet winding country road. Can we imagine what it is like for a small bandicoot, trying to find safety, and being mowed down by lethal metal behemoths. However, the beautiful state is sadly divided between the people who are intent on destroying the once beautiful forests, and kill the wildlife with guns, 1080 poison, even killing 100,000 possums a year or more for their beautiful fur and skins and meat, which they sell to Asia. This is because the animals have the temerity to eat a little grass which 'belongs' to the cattle, or the wild animals eat the new plantation seedlings. Having cut down many of the magnificent forests, one species plantations have sprung out, killing all diversity. The other group of people treasure the forest that is remaining, love and protect the wildlife and feel great sorrow when they hear the first kind of people refer to the wildlife as 'vermin', or when they see another truckload of trees going to be turned into chips for paper overseas. The tide is turning here now, and the world is changing. Love is changing us heart by heart. Thank you everyone for caring.
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