Regret dwells within every last thought I have for the day. I regret the things said in anger, I regret the moments I should have done something different, should have been stronger but wasn't. I pray that regret motivates me to be a better man. I regret that it hasn't motivated me to be more. I always think of St. Francis of Assisi and his meeting a leper. Finally searching within your heart and allowing God to shine through. I am looking for my leper. I tried to donate my time to a homeless shelter, but they have a background check, and I won't pass it (I told them, they said that I wouldn't, so its not just me saying that.) I pray this man is able to realize that he has nothing to regret in being gay. There is no shame in that. The shame is those who point to the Bible and misinterpret passages so they can feel morally superior. So my regret is that I can't do anything right now to help this man. I don't have enough knowledge to combat the bigotry he and the Muslim woman suffered through. My motivation is to keep learning, keep striving to gain more knowledge so when asked to step up I can.
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