Its Me. It has to be me. Social media has come to great length for people like you, Mark, to get the word out. It seems so simple; to have a camera and ask questions. You do it so effortlessly and yet, I'm sure you've had doubt upon doubt and weak moments of faith and yet you persude and you've given those people a voice. Everyone has a voice. I've yet to find my calling. I pray to God everyday. "I am your vessel Lord use me to do your bidding here on earth." I haven't made any impact as you have Mark. Although, being a single mother living in poverty, many have complimented and praised me for raising two fun loving, smart, appreciative children. I just want to do more. Do something. I have to earn a living. And I want to earn while I'm doing what I've destined to do and I haven't found what IT is I'm supposed to do. God bless Mark.
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