There is a thirst to bring compassion to the center of religious discussion across the boundaries of faith. If our religious leaders were to be in community with each other they could have a dialogue about their common struggles and perhaps even become less ignorant of the faith of the other. I think a post-modern time like today could use a dose of artistic compassion. The kind that makes clear the emotions of our inside and communicates those emotions that are common. This film highlights the lives of very real people and being a person who is studying to become a religious leader, it brings me hope to see that I am not alone. Even across the boundaries of our religions we feel something that compels us to dream and move forward. I am inspired to study interfaith relations and to help build connections were they don't exist in my community. I think we are called into more than vocations. I think we are invited to risk living through our call and I think that happens each day.
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