Hi, my name is Manuel Diaz. About 5 weeks ago, I believe it was on Nov 21, 2010, I decided to dedicate my life to Christ. Prior to that I was a Pot head used different drugs, ex heroin addict and coke addict. About 10 years clean of the harder drugs. On Nov. 21st I decided to give everything up, also tobacco. I am now a vegetarian strictly organic eater. No alcohol, no meat, no toxic at all. I am free of all addictions, diseases and impurities, Thanks be to God almighty our lord and savior Jesus Christ. This all came about after God started speaking to me and instructing me once I sanctified and consecrated myself for HIM. After doing this he then showed me what my calling is, my purpose here in life and that I have eternal living through HIM. My heart passion is reggae music. It speaks to me like the Bible does. It definately is gospel music to my ears. He also showed me that I am The Conquering Lion of The Tribe of Judah. You can read about me in Revelations Chapter 5. There you will see my purpose or shall I say Gods purpose, because it is not of my own will but the will of God. Yes, I have been sent by our Father, the God of Israel. The One true God! He literally changed my life at he blink of an eye! After turning my whole life over to God, I can now look back and see that God has always been there even in my most darkest moments. Waiting for me to come to HIM completely and giving up everything for HIM and His will, the prophecy. Almost like I had to go through the darkness to become the light. His Light. He has showed me that I am a Son of God and that I am a vessel for HIM and that he will use me to perform great miracles and miraculous signs and works all for the Glory for HIM! I've never been happier in my life before untill this happened. Pure joy! I worship and praise HIM everyday, I can't stop because I now know the truth! Its the most amazing feeling ever to have Faith in HIM. If you would like to contact me to speak more about this and your pupose please contact me at e-mail rasta1zion@yahoo.com Keep the Faith, positive over negative always. Oneday there will be no negative:) One Love, Manuel Diaz
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