It's a bright light Mark shines. The folks I know who are/have been/about to be homeless are very grateful for that light. Particularly on a day like today, when the rain is gushing and Mark along with folks he knows, and folks who have heard about him fought a huge battle to get the powers-that-be to open some of the winter shelters during the day for those of us on the streets. The question this website is asking, "If not you, who?" is valid not only in the homeless arena, but so many other circumstances of our civilized society. I'm not into religious faith. Fortunately, Mark doesn't require anyone to be of any faith-based persuasion. Many folks claim to do something because their god told them to. My criteria for deciding if a person is following their calling is if they would do what they are doing whether their god told them to or not. Mark says his god's voice tells him, "if not you, who?" That may well keep him going. However, I've seen him work in the field. I'm a person without a home who has been the recipient of his actions. I've researched the *hits* about him on the web. My belief is he would do what he's doing whether or not his god encouraged him. He'd probably argue that point with me. It's not up for debate, it's my belief. is an integral communication for the homeless, homeless service providers, and anyone who watches reality tv on their television set. It's a lifeline for many of us without homes. So, I really don't care if folks attribute it to faith-based callings. It works. It's needed. It's real.
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