Thank you Father. I've felt abandoned by Rome for at least forty years now, and sometimes even sitting in church I feel that my neighbors wouldn't want to shake my hand in peace if they knew who I really am--the big mouth who is compelled to speak out. I don't have a lot of resources, but I do have a voice and a conscience, and the echo of all those nuns telling me that I have a backbone too. I'm fortunate that my parents always not only believed in me, but insisted that I remain true to my convictions. My friends may shake their heads, but even they still haven't given up on me. You're working on entitlement, my next task is to take on "elite." It's a word just about done to death, thank God, except that the real elite, like the real treasure of the church, are all of us in the huddle, then sent out to schools and offices, and hospitals and wars and parenthood . . . Thanks for teaching us.
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