We start to heal by figuring out what that person's life has meant to us, and why their going from here to there will make us worry or sad. Then, we allow ourselves to remember, because the gulf that exists between you and another person will heal in mighty ways when you learn and recount how you first met someone and what you knew might happen to them when you met them. I met Aunt Donna one time when I was a little girl, and I just knew that she would pass of health related complications at an early age. In addition, my friend Mike lived a very worrisome lifestyle, and he succumbed to gun violence at an early age. Finally, my Aunt Marie was so old but she had a relationship working with everybody and the children they'd had. Now, I wonder how I might go, though I hope its for a really long time and of natural causes. The boy in this video is an example of being in the hands of someone else, when life has not taught all its lessons. I hope I can be of some help to many while I am still on this earth.
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