I love this idea! Everyone has a story... and everyone's story influences another. So here is mine: My own background is that of a middle class white girl from a small town in Utah. Ballet...piano...college...Christian upbringing... white picket fence, so to speak, right down to the of 25-year wedding anniversary and graduations of my daughters and a marriages of my daughter to a wonderful man. Then chaos hit. Or was it divine intervention? Funny isn't it... We don't change until we are forced. And I was forced. My religion was in question. My marriage. My stability. My family. Everything turned upside down. To make a long story short, four years later I am still questioning.... But I am soon to graduate with my Masters in Social Work. My desire is to impact people and to advocate for those who can't find the next step. I know that somehow I am called to impact dialogue between factions of society who are not at peace. In my own life I have found reality in the facct peace does not come from perfect situations, but through endeavoring to find love throughout those situations that seem to have no promise of peace at all.
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