My name is Donavan. though everyone calls me Dom. I live in LaPorte and live in an apartment. We're poor. we have nice things but it took us years to get em, know what I'm saying? Well, I don't like my mom, though she's not abusive. She always takes my brothers side and money that could go to a bank on reserve or for food she spends on other things. she had recently bought a electric fireplace. which i think is crap. My brother is an asshole. He doubts that I have friends, so he tries to make me friends. And, he lied to me that i wasn't allowed to go my recently related step-cousin, and I have been friends with him before we became related. He lies to me and says my cousin doesn't like me. And I also have problems at school. My school has a lot of rebels, and I am not excluded. In 7th grade i got into fights and was in ISS a lot. This year, I got suspended. Everyone I know classifies themselves as preps or whatnot. I am what everyone calls a "wigger". I have a lot of friends, but they're mostly at school. But, I am known around school as a great rapper. I'm trying to make into the biz. this might not be a place to tell my story, but I have to get this off my chest.
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