I remember the day I saw Book of Shadows on the shelf in Barnes & Noble. I had bounced around churches for several years as a teen, trying to fit in with my friends and their 'thing' but it never quite fit. It felt like there was a piece missing. I read this book and I knew that I had found my thing. I am a witch, I am the goddess, I am her child, I am the mother, and the crone. I am all parts of me I don't even know yet. And I am so glad we live in an age that we can share these ideas and these practices with each other. There may still be persecution, but it comes from fear and these days we have a stronger voice than ever before to teach, to communicate, to help dissipate that fear and encourage community and spiritual tolerance. Thanks Phyllis, I have never met you, I may never meet you in this life, but you are a kindred spirit and I honor you for that. Blessed Be.
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